Figure out what you need to do to get the best price for your home!

Are you thinking about selling your home? Since it is a big decision, we are sure you want that things go as smoothly as possible, right? If so, you will be happy to read this text about a home improvement idea that can increase the value of your home!

After a lot of thinking, you finally decided to sell your home! Congrats, that is the first big step.  One of the main questions you probably have now is how long it takes to close the deal! Well, the records from the National Association of Realtors shows that it takes a bit more than two months to finish everything.   But it is important to say that not every home is the same – of course, every property has value and finds its buyer eventually. However, various factors determine how quickly the home will be sold and at which price.  Although you certainly cannot control each one, you definitely can do something about many of them.

Exterior of For Sale House

Having in mind the things you can do to speed up the sale of your home, today we chose to talk about home design and home interior changes you can make. See, many people dread even thinking about these changes because they believe that they will take a lot of time and money. However, while you certainly must invest time, patience, and energy, these things can cost you next to nothing if you decide to do them by yourself.  We talked about this with some real estate agents, as well as people who sold their homes and we decided to share their ideas on how you can get a better deal for your house.


Preparing Your Home for Sale

Make the Assessment

The first thing you need to do is assess the condition of your home.  If you are an experienced DIYer, skilled with tools like a soldering iron and you know what things are important, make a thorough inspection. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who does not live there and think whether everything is in top-notch condition or some things could use some improvement. You can also ask a friend to take a tour of the house with you.  If you do not know a lot about home repairs, etc., it is recommended that you hire a professional who can make a full inspection. Keep in mind that this person must make an entirely honest assessment of your home for you. Make sure that you write down all the observations. That way you will have a clear perspective on what needs to be done and how to do it.


Okay, now when you finished assessing the situation, you can move to more concrete steps. Since you probably don’t want to waste time, the best you can do is to meet with your agent and discuss repairs that are considered home essentials and focus on them. For example, maybe you don’t have to paint every room but only where there are things that need to be fixed. That is of course if the paint is everywhere neutral. Because, if your teen’s bedroom wall is painted in black or dark purple or there is graffiti on the wall, we recommend you to repaint them without hesitation. The color of the walls tells plenty about the cleanness of the house so make sure that they are as neutral as possible.

Update Your Kitchen

As you know the kitchen is often seen as one of the most important rooms in the house, so it comes as natural that buyers do not find it interesting when it is neglected.  Thus, it is recommended to make sure that you have done everything in your power to present it as modern as possible. Of course, you are not going to spend a fortune on renovating a kitchen in the house you are about to sell, but ensure its attractiveness for potential buyers, comments kitchen refurbishment pro Dmitri Kara. For example, you can repaint the cupboards or change the countertops – you can do that by yourself, or with a friend’s help and you will only spend money on material. An attractive kitchen increases the likelihood of people falling in love with it, and thus making a good offer on your house, because as we know home is where the heart is.

Fix the Electricity

Make sure to check all installations, outlets, switches, and light fixtures, etc. If there is something faulty, try to fix it or call the electrician if you cannot do it by yourself?  In general, it is not a lot of work and it does not cost a lot. If you do it, you will be astonished at how these things increase your house value.

Get Your Yard in Order

The exterior is the first thing that potential buyers see and that is why you need to work a bit on your yard. Turn on the lawnmower and trim the lawn, remove all the weeds, clean the sidewalk.  If you have flowers in the garden, make sure that they are well arranged. Put out the nicest garden chairs that you have, and of course the welcome mat.

Setting a Stage

Do not be afraid to arrange things here and there! Many people avoid doing it because they believe that it looks artificial and exaggerated.  However, keep in mind that first impressions count the most.  If you need some inspiration on how to decorate your home furnishings and house in general, you can check out some home design magazines or TV programs. Besides that, you can find a lot of ideas on the Internet. And if that doesn’t help, you can ask a friend or relative who has a nose for interior design. Another option is to hire a professional.