Open House with Pets

Doing an open house is still the best way to sell a house. It means spending a lot of time showing it to people who are interested in buying it. However, having pets can make this task much harder. Many animals don’t really like it when a lot of new people come into their homes. They tend to get nervous and can sometimes misbehave. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, there are certain precautions you can take before you have an open house with pets. Here are some tips that can come in handy.

Should you keep your pet away for the day?

Obviously, some pets can’t really get in the way. Fish, hamsters or lizards are in their little quarters and will simply continue minding their own business no matter who is in the room. Having cats, dogs or even parrots there for your open house can go much differently. If strangers are waltzing around their space, some animals can get very upset. In addition, there are people, after all, who aren’t used to being around pets. Their reactions to your dog’s bark or cat sniffing around could upset your pet even more. Such unpleasant incidents could also dampen your prospects of selling them your home.

open house sign

You might need to remove your furry friend from home.

However, getting your pet out of your home isn’t easy. Not everyone has the ability to do so. You might be wondering, is it even the right thing to do? Well, only you can be the judge of that.

If your pet usually doesn’t mind a crowd, the open house will probably go incident-free. Simply make sure that your guests are aware that your pet is home so that there are no surprises. On the other hand, if your pet has trouble being around large groups of people or can get a bit naughty in such circumstances, it might be a good idea to have someone take care of them for the afternoon.

Where to leave your pets while having an open house

If you decide to keep your pet away during your open house, you have some options. You should always ask friends and family first. Someone might be able to take care of your pet for a couple of hours while potential buyers are at your home. This will probably be fun for your pet as well as they will already know the person they are staying with.

If this fails and you are unable to have someone close to you take care of your pet, you can always have your pet taken care of by a professional. There are plenty of pet daycares where you can drop off your pet at any time. You can leave them there for the whole day without worrying. In most cases, these daycares will text you with updates or photos of how your pet is doing. If you are on a budget and pet daycare is out of the question, see if a student in your neighborhood is up for watching your pet for a couple of hours for a small fee.

pet daycare

Pet daycare is always an option if you need to have someone take care of your pet while you aren’t able to.

How to have an open house with pets there?

For some pets, being left in the care of virtual strangers can be quite traumatizing. For this reason, many people will want to avoid doing this, especially with a big relocation looming. This is completely understandable and probably a much kinder move towards your furry friend.

Animals are very sensitive to change. It can have a negative impact on them. As you will already be relocating in the near future, you might not want to stress them out further. If worried about moving with your furry friend, hire reliable moving services. This way you will be able to spend time with your pet while someone else takes care of the move itself. Being able to watch them will ensure that they are adjusting to the move well.

Clean your home before your open house

If you want to sell a home, you have to make it look nice. Presentation is everything. Bear in mind that your home looks its finest when it’s clean. You know that when purchasing a home, you will most likely purchase the one that looks the best.

You can find and hire a service to make your home spotless or you can do it by yourself. We think that it is a much better idea to hire professionals. This way, you will be saving a lot of time and energy.

In addition, have pets can make your home harder to clean. So, hire professional services to clean your home before you have an open house. Your home needs to both look and smell clean. Sometimes a certain smell can repel people from buying the property, even if it looks great.

Hire professional help to do the cleaning for you before you have an open house.

Fix any damage that was caused by your pet

Before selling your home, you have to make sure that it looks as good as possible with a little bit of effort. If you have had pets living in this home, they probably made their presence known over time.

If you want to sell the home as soon as possible and for as much as possible, you have to fix any damage and make sure it isn’t visible. Sometimes, it will be visible and not easily fixable. In this case, you should definitely point it out to potential buyers.

In extreme cases, you will have to do a complete renovation because of some damage. Luckily, you can use some of our tips for lowering renovation expenses. Don’t stress out over investing money in a property you are about to sell. After all, investing more money into your home means that you’ll be able to get a better price for it.